Stage structure

For more than 20 years, we have designed and built stages made of steel or aluminium for a variety of world renowned customers. All structures we design can be fabricated in our workshop and can integrate every kind of scenic element required by the production. The stage system, deck panels and turntables are available for sale or rental.

From feasibility studies to structural plans

Whether it is for a circus, a permanent show, a one-time event, an opera or for a touring show, each customer comes with its load of specific requirements and challenges that can’t always be met with standard products available on the market. That is why our structural and mechanical design services include feasibility studies as well as prototyping of professional staging and scenic machinery.

Well thought out custom stages from design to installation

When producers decide on an artistic concept for a show, their number one concern is profitability. To answer their concern, we ask ourselves the same long question throughout the process: how can we bring to life the artistic vision of the scenographer while respecting the production budget, the highest security standards and be the most efficient for setup and tear down?

By answering this question at every step of the project we have developed products that distinguish themselves with cleverness but most of all with the efficiency with which the production technical team can set up and tear down every show. We have even patented this cleverness and efficiency and our system is now the standard for the Cirque du Soleil big top productions.

Taking Chances scene

Taking Chances scene

In our studio, the team familiarizes itself with the Taking Chances stage for Céline Dion’s world tour.

The Bataclan

The Bataclan

Assembly of the Bataclan tower, the main scenography element for Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza production.

The Ring Cycle

The Ring Cycle "Machine"

This unique stage infrastructure can transform itself to give life to the different acts of this famous Wagner opera revisited by Robert Lepage.

The patented OST
stage system

The OST staging system as designed and fabricated by Scène Éthique is a structural building block system for the quick assembly of custom or standard stages for sale or rent. For both single and multi-level stages, each stage is comprised of risers that can support musicians or camera platforms that require superior structural strength and stability.


1. QBC

Quad bowtie connector

The QBC corner posts permit decks and other scenic elements to be attached to the main structure to form ramps or to create incorporated vertical scenery with the stage. Accessories such as stairs, guardrails and chair stoppers can be easily attached to the QBCs.

OST illustration

2. OST

Open shell truss

The patented OST staging system allows for stages up to 5’ high with no cross bracing. Stages or platforms up to 8’ high use 45° bracing from the legs to the OST beam thereby leaving considerable free space for circulation under the structure.

3. PTL

Push, turn and lock system

The unique PTL attachment system for the decks, also patented, ensures perfectly even joints between panels and eliminates the clattering of other decking systems. The PTL attachment system also confers structural capacity to the deck panels that can be used to anchor rigging points able to withstand tension loads of 300 pounds to up to 1000 pounds depending on the design of the panels.

Projects with stage structure