Our expertise in the entertainment industry goes far beyond the design of stage infrastructures: the design and fabrication of elements that enhance the stage and the spectator experience by their beauty or functionality.

Stairs and guard rails

For the artists to access the stage or as scenic elements, we have designed and fabricated many types of stairs that are always compliant with international building codes.

The same is true for guard rails and fall protection elements that are esthetic additions to the stage but where materials and shapes do not alter compliance.

Facings et decors

According to the scenographer’s requirements, our design team calls on all available resources to bring the final touch to any stage. Fiberglass, aluminium, wood, textile, the facings and decors can take any shape.

Staircase for the Bataclan tower

Staircase for the Bataclan tower

Integration of a staircase to allow the Kooza musicians and artists to access the top of the tower from backstage.

Facing of the « Turtle » from Totem

Facing of the « Turtle » from Totem

Design, build and facing of a turtle skeleton for a parallel bar number in the Cirque du Soleil’s Totem show.

Kooza guardrails

Projects with decors